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Hormone Therapy Northville MI

Complementary medicine is an approach to achieving better health that can work with and add to traditional medical therapies. It is an approach that provides the dimension of improving the quality of life while embracing traditional medical therapies.
Hormone Therapy
Northville MI area hormone prescribing safety; when a hormone deficiency or imbalance is discovered, the proper approach is to safely replace the lacking hormone with natural bio-identical hormones. Because hormones can have an effect on many parts of our body, it is necessary to prescribe this therapy only under close supervision. Regular hormone level testing as well as scheduled ultrasounds or other imaging during treatment ensures that any change or side effect is discovered early and during a time that dosage changes can be made before there is a problem.

48167 Area Male Menopause
Bio-identical hormone therapy for both men experiencing adropause (male menopause) and women experiencing menopausal symptoms can be assured that Rochester Wellness Center is one of the safest places to go for their treatment.

Northville MI Area Acupuncture Experience
All Acupuncture treatments are provided by Dr. Levine himself Dr. Levine has been in practicing for 22 years. He received his additional training in acupuncture at the Helms Institute at the UCLA School of Medicine Dr. Levine has been using acupuncture in his practice for a number of over 15 years.

Fertility Help Near Northville MI
The rise and fall of hormones and the timing of egg production and receptivity all must be in compete harmony for pregnancy to take place. For those experiencing difficulty with obtaining or maintaining a pregnancy, acupuncture is a cost effective and reasonable compliment to traditional therapies for infertility. Acupuncture has a remarkable effect on the body and can favorably promote bio-chemical changes in hormone levels and their effect on cervical and uterine receptivity.

Hormone Therapy
Complimentary medicine offers an additional step toward wellness that is lacking in traditional medicine. If you or someone you care about is considering adding an extra measure of care that may make the difference between just surviving and really thriving, then a consultation with Dr. Levine or a provider in complimentary medicine might be the right thing to do.